Delivery / Pickup

Minimum $25.00 order

Starters / Mezes

  • saganaki

    pan fried, kefalograviera, mountain goat cheese simply amazing! sharing ... optional
  • homous & pita

    ya ya's secret recipe. chick peas, tahini & garlic
  • dolmathes

    herbed ground beef & rice hand rolled in tender young grape leaves topped with avgolemono sauce
  • tzatziki & pita

    no corners cut, thick cool tzatziki made with greek yogurt, cucumbers & garlic, the rest is pam's secret
  • kalamari

    love is...dipping flaky, light, marinated tender squid in our cooling homemade tzatziki sauce. our always fresh vegetable oil makes this sin-free indulgence unparalleled
  • feta & kalamata olives

    a true staple! add sticks of feta cheese & tasty kalamata olives to any of our dips, appetizers or entrees to achieve an authentic greek feast
  • spanakopita

    a baked medley of fresh spinach, feta & herbs wrapped in flaky filo pastry
  • manitaria

    fresh mushrooms sauteed with butter & a dash of white wine
  • keftethes

    greek meatballs at their finest...delicious
  • sauteed tiger prawns

    an exceptional marinade that can't be duplicated. these irresistible garlic prawns are served with pita
  • scallops & prawns pernod

    atlantic scallops & tiger prawns in our signature mouth watering pernod sauce. served with pita for dipping
  • sikotakia

    a must try! lightly breaded pan fried tender chicken livers are complete with a squeeze of lemon
  • zucchini sticks

    crispy, lightly battered sticks of zucchini

Salads / Salatas

  • greek salata

    small 8.50 / large 12.00
    always fresh! the difference is...we dress these fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, olives, feta & oregano with authentic kalamata extra virgin olive oil
  • caesar salata

    small 7.50 / large 12.00
    crisp romaine hearts tossed with pam's delectable homemade dressing - add a fresh grilled chicken breast +9.00
  • mediterranean salata

    flame grilled prawns & feta add a greek flair to our classic caesar
  • blackened salmon caesar

    wild sockeye filet seared with cajun spice served over our classic caesar
  • fire prawn caesar

    classic caesar & grilled prawns ... tasty
  • tomato, basil & red onion salata

    sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil

Seafood / Psarika

  • filet of salmon

    wild sockeye salmon filet broiled with fine herbs & lightly brushed with olive oil & fresh lemon
  • kalamari entree

    love is...dipping flaky, light, marinated tender squid in our cooling tzatziki sauce. our always fresh vegetable oil makes this sin-free indulgence unparalleled
  • scallop & prawn pernod

    sauteed atlantic scallops & tiger prawns in our signature mouth watering pernod sauce try it!
  • garlic prawns

    sometime you just need the wining combination of juicy tiger prawns sauteed in garlic butter
  • garithes uvetsi

    sauteed garlic prawns in a medley of sauteed vegetables with a rich & tasty marinara sauce topped with baked feta

all seafood entrees served with greek salata, lemon roasted potato, rice pilaf, pita & tzatziki

Entrees / Piateles

  • souvlaki

    two skewers marinated & charbroiled mix & match any two, your choice (priced at higher value) - chicken (20.50), beef or lamb (22.00), prawn (22.00), scallop (25.00)
  • arni psito

    pallas specialty. enjoy feasting on a perfectly seasoned, slow roasted piece of new zealand lamb shoulder full of heavenly pockets of juicy tender meat (warning) truly addictive proceed with caution!
  • moussaka

    pam's classic will have you begging for more. layers of oven baked potato, eggplant & zucchini with spiced ground beef topped with velvety bechamel sauce
  • spanakopita dinner

    our classic spinach pie served as an entree
  • dolmathes dinner

    tender young grape leaves rolled with rice & spiced ground sirloin topped with avgolemono sauce
  • kota lemonati

    flame grilled chicken breast brushed with olive oil, oregano & lemon
  • paidakia

    tasty charbroiled lamb chops. don't be shy - eat with greek utensils ...
  • baby back ribs skaras

    a full rack of slow roasted meaty ribs. so tender the meat falls of the bone & melts in your mouth. an absolute for rib lovers!
  • baby back ribs & chicken skaras

    the ultimate combo. flame grilled chicken breast paired with half a rack of tender ribs
  • brizoles strip loin

    triple A steak. grilled just how you like it
  • steak & garlic prawn

    triple A strip loin with garlic prawns all time favorite

all entrees are served with greek salata, lemon roasted potato, rice pilaf, pita bread & tzatziki

Pasta / Zimarika

  • fettuccine alfredo

    each order is made from scratch using fresh cream. this is the secret to a spartan worthy alfredo sauce. served over long flat noodles
  • chicken fettuccine

    flame grilled chicken breast tops our fresh creamy alfredo
  • poiseidons fettuccine

    juicy garlic prawns & scallops crown our classic homemade alfredo
  • blackened salmon fettuccine

    wild sockeye seared in sizzling cajun spices. 'crispy spicy hot' paired with creamy classic alfredo
  • prawn fettuccine

    sauteed garlic prawns served over our homemade creamy alfredo
  • makaronatha with mizithra

    sit down at ya ya's dinner table & enjoy this unique old country greek dish. spaghetti tossed in a sizzling pan with butter & mizithra goat's cheese. yummy!
  • classic spaghetti

    savory, rich, thick homemade meat sauce. try it once & love it forever! - add greek meatballs (+5.00)

add a starter caesar or greek salata (+4.25),
add mushrooms (+4.50),
add feta cheese (+2.00),
all pasta’s are served with pita